STAFF AT a convenience store have been provided with face visors to help protect them while they are working.

The staff at the Bargain Booze Select Convenience shop on Barnsley Road, Darton have been given face masks and visors to wear while they are on shift to help protect them against the virus.

“We had the masks from day one,” said store manager, Scott Briggs, 31. “But the visors came in last week after a long wait for them.

“I think it’s great that we have them because it makes me feel more secure and safe while I am at work.”

Like many businesses around the town, the shop only allows small numbers of customers in the shop at a time to help maintain social distancing and slow the spread of the virus.

The owners of the shop, Robert and Jill Thompson, also provided a till screen for the shop which has been open throughout the pandemic.

“From the start they have put in all the safety measures and made sure the customers and staff are safe," added Scott.

“The visor is surprisingly comfortable and I often forget I am wearing it. It’s great to feel that I am being protected at work.”