A SOLDIER hopes to cheer up his local community by decorating his window for VE Day.
Gareth Hall, 42, serves in the 5th Regiment Royal Artillery and wanted to celebrate VE Day despite the lockdown. Along with his wife, Alys, he decorated his window with Second World War artefacts and replicas, along with clothing to help put a smile on his neighbours’ faces.
“My house used to be a corner shop so it has a big window out the front,” said Gareth, of Silver Street, Dodworth. “We decorated it with some old vintage tins and made a ration box as well as adding some bunting.
“Alys’ grandfather fought at D-Day so we have a little tub of sand from the beach where he landed. We just wanted to celebrate in our own was as well as helping to cheer up people in the village.
“People have been going past on their morning run or on their walk and have been stopping to look in the window which has been lovely and encouraging to see.”
Gareth has served in the army for 23 years and has only six months left of his service. He said it is important to recognise the sacrifice made by soldiers within the war.
“They gave their lives for us and I have always had a deep respect for that,” added Gareth. “It’s just our way of celebrating their effort and cheering people up at the same time.
“It’s great to think that our window has cheered people up during this time.”