A KNITTING group raised more than £200 to cover the postage costs of its knits for premature babies in hospitals across the borough.

Penistone Knitting Group collected more than double the initial £100 target – raising £217 overall.

Sheryll Dixon, founder of the group, said: “I needed to start the postage fundraiser as my current funding had drawn to a close which was provided by Penistone Ward Alliance’s ‘Love Where You Live’ scheme.

“This allowed us to continue with our many projects. The fund will be used to post out all the lovely knitting to 18 hospitals and 15 charities around the UK, once we are given the all clear.

“I’ve applied for two further grants but they’ve been put on hold. Time will tell if I am successful.

“I am currently supplying wool to local knitters, bought with the grant to the isolated elderly who knit for me, as their mental wellbeing is paramount in this uncertain time.

“A friendly face can brighten their day, even if I am stood down the drive from them.”