A PUB has opened up its car park for hospital staff to use, amid reports of clashes between residents and workers over an increase in problem parking.

The Tommy Treddlehoyle on Pogmoor Road – closed to the public last weekend following government guidelines – made the announcement on its Facebook page on Saturday, and saw a number of members of staff take up the offer throughout the week.

It comes after reports that local residents were seen in heated exchanges with staff unable to park in the hospital’s parking facilities – which are deemed inadequate, with 1,200 spaces providing for approximately 3,800 staff.

This excludes visitors, and a projected influx of staff to fight the coronavirus crisis – with the government this week announcing it would add 35,000 extra staff, including retired doctors and nurses and students, to the national workforce.

Coun Peter Fielding, who represents the Dodworth ward and lives in the area, said: “It wouldn’t bother me if staff were double-parked on our pavement currently – there are bigger things to worry about.

“We do have a particular problem on our estate. It’s dangerous to exit or enter.

“But we should be more than prepared for an increase in parking at the current time.”

Nurses attempting to find alternative parking have previously complained that residents on side streets around Gawber Road and Summer Lane have damaged their vehicles.

A park-and-ride scheme has been touted as a possible solution, with land at Capitol Park in Dodworth already identified.

Coun Phil Lofts, who represents the Old Town ward, added: “There are always two sides to every story and the truth is somewhere in the middle.

“We know at this time, the staff are doing a heroic job and we all back them 120 per cent.

“Conflict shouldn’t happen. But often when they’re asked to move having parked outside someone’s house and inhibited access and egress, hospital staff reportedly respond with a not-so-polite ‘go away’.

“Until we get a proper residents’ parking scheme, and force the hospital’s estates side to look at its situation, these incidents will continue.”