PRIME minister Boris Johnson has imposed new restrictions preventing people from going outside unless it is for essential purposes, and there will be fines for those who do not follow the rules. The prime minister said during his speech to the nation that people can only leave their home for the following purposes:

  • To shop
  • One form of exercise per day
  • For medical needs
  • To travel to and from work

The police now have the powers to enforce anyone who is seen not to be adhering from this, with a fine. Boris Johnson also encouraged people to use food delivery services, and banned all public gatherings excluding funerals. All non-essential shops will be closed with immediate effect and any gatherings will be dispersed. These sanctions will be in place for three weeks and if evidence shows that things are subsiding then it may be relaxed. He said: “The road ahead is hard and it’s still true that many lives will still be lost. We have 7,500 former frontline staff coming back to work. “We need to protect the NHS and save many thousands of lives. We will beat the coronavirus. We will come out of it stronger than ever.”So far, 335 people have died and 6,650 cases have been confirmed.