A FAST food outlet will be donating leftover food to those who need it following its closure.

McDonald’s at Wentworth Business Park, Tankersley, is appealing for food kitchens, food banks, charities and the hospital to get in touch and collect chilled food.

Chris Osborne, manager at the store said: “We will be closing at 7pm tonight and we are inviting any local food banks and charities to contact us and collect eggs, milk and other chilled stock.

“We will also have a few members of staff in the restaurant tomorrow so if you can’t come tonight you can come tomorrow.”

Items available include eggs, milk, cheese, English muffins and lettuce.

McDonald’s on Old Mill Lane, Wombwell Lane and Upper New Street will also be donating its chilled items.

Organisations who are interested in collecting food must call beforehand.

Call 740025 for Tankersley 734065 for Old Mill Lane, 289518 for Wombwell Lane and 779952 for the Upper New Street restaurant.