A WARD alliance is providing free packs of fruit and vegetables for its residents who might be unable to get out to the shop themselves.

Stairfoot Ward Alliance set up the ‘pop-up shop’ at Hudson Haven housing, on Upton Close, Wombwell, with help from the site manager Berneslai Homes – which brought the initial idea to the table – and mobile fruit and veg seller Nino Morris.

This week was the second of the four-week trial which, if successful, will continue every Wednesday afternoon.

Coun Wayne Johnson said: “It saves some of the elderly residents from having to walk down the hill and then back up again to get their fruit and veg, which is a fair walk for anyone.

“It also gives us as a ward alliance to speak to people about what they would like to see.

“I would like to replicate it in other places.”

The free packs of either vegetables for a stew, or fruit, were provided by Nino and funded by the ward alliance.