THE most and least expensive streets in Barnsley over the last five years have been named.

Quick buying company Property Solvers have tracked the average price of sold houses to see where the highest and lowest-priced homes are located across Barnsley.

South Lane in Cawthorne has been named as the most expensive street with four properties being sold for an average of £598,625.

In contrast, Wharf Street has been named as the least expensive with an average of £32,500 per house.

Kelsey Terrace, Junction Street and Tune Street were also amongst the lower range, whilst Stainborough Fold, Kirkfield Close and Chapel Lane were named as the most expensive.

The co-founder of Property Solvers said: “It’s worth noting that Thimble Hall in Cawthorne sold for £1.5 million in April 2018. Gardeners Cottage, Cannon Hall also in Cawthorne sold for £1 million in March 2016.

“At the other end of the market, a property on Pontefract Road (S71) sold for £18,000 and there were a number of individual sales under the £35,000 mark.”