AN elderly man has thanked two lads who helped his wife after she collapsed in the middle of the road and broke her hip.

Trevor Beasley, of Somerset Street, Cudworth, was walking in the village on February 16 when his wife Vera, 77, suddenly dropped to the floor after losing feeling in her legs.

The 75-year-old said he was trying to lift Vera to move her from the middle of the road when two men – who Trevor said were around the age of 20 – stopped in their car to help.

“We didn’t know at the time she had broken her hip, she just kept saying she was in pain,” said Trevor. “These two lads came past and offered to help me so we all lifted her into the car and asked where we lived.

“They drove us home and there was no way Vera could get out of the car so they lifted her, carried her into the house and put her on the sofa.

“I was a bit all over the place at the time so I didn’t really get much information about them.”

Trevor said Vera ‘didn’t kick up a fuss’ about the incident but it wasn’t until her birthday on the following Tuesday that the she ended up in hospital and her injury was diagnosed.

“Vera is someone who doesn’t want to put anyone out,” said Trevor. “So I phoned up to get a doctor to come see her and they said we should be at the hospital so off we went. She had an operation and came out on Monday.

“She’s recovering and she will just say ‘yeah I’m okay’. We are very thankful to the lads who came to stop. Vera’s memory isn’t great as she has a bit of dementia but she does remember them for helping her.”

Trevor’s grandson Owen Beasley put an appeal out on Facebook trying to find the duo who helped his nan and said he thinks they have been found. The family are hoping to arrange a visit with the two men.

  • If you know the two men, contact the Chronicle by calling 734211.