A YOUNG girl whose heroes are the bin men she waves at each week was given the chance to meet them when they visited her home.

Little Suzie Needham, two, has made a habit of waving at the bin men every week at her home in Hart Hills, Hemingfield.

Her dad James would stand at the window as the crew passed by to help her greet them.

He said: “I used to take her to the window to see the bin men because she loved the flashing lights on the lorry and that’s something we still do now that she is a little older.

“She knows when they are coming and she will get up early so she can go and see them. She is always really happy when they wave back and give her a little bit of attention.”

A crew visited her home this week and Suzie was given the chance to meet them.

“She really enjoyed it,” added James.

“She saw the lorry and started waving at them and was shocked when they stopped and got out of the lorry and started talking to her.

“She definitely got excited and she was really interested.

“It’ll be a lovely memory for her when she gets older.”