AN increase in dog fouling in a village has left residents feeling as if they are ‘walking on land mines’.

Redthorne Way, Hawthorne Street and Felkirk View were just a handful of roads that were mentioned during the Shafton Parish Council meeting, that have been blighted with dog fouling.

Dave North, chairman of Shafton Parish Council, said that the level of dog fouling was ‘terrible’ and calls were made for more enforcement in Shafton.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “I’ve seen dog mess on Park Avenue and High Street and at the side of Shafton Primary. It’s awful how much mess is on the paths. You’ve got to walk as if you’re on land mines.

“It’s irresponsible dog owners walking on a night or first thing in the morning and I’ve seen enforcement officers but they go in the middle of the day when no one is out walking their dogs.

“The enforcement officers also just sit in their car. How will they catch people if they’re not patrolling the road and going to investigate on foot?”

Coun Anita Cherryholme said that she would liaise with the enforcement officers and see if they can come and patrol the hot spot areas.