A PROJECT called Haven which aims to help insulate children from the trauma of domestic violence will be rolled out at four secondary and four primary schools across Sheffield and Barnsley, using Violence Reduction Unit grant money.

It is a reaction to the fact that it is known 17,000 children in Sheffield alone are affected by domestic violence they witness at home, experiences which can have devastating consequences on their development and future lives.

The aim is to take a ‘whole school’ approach, training teachers and support staff to support children in those circumstances.

Long term, the aim is to change culture and end the ‘bystander’ approach, where some people are reluctant to react.

Meanwhile, a different project will provide Smartwater protection for domestic violence victims, providing the means to spray those with legal orders to stay away from their victims with a unique liquid which can be used to prove their presence.

  • Provided by the Local Democracy Reporting Service.