A NEW edition of a book giving insight to the history of a village has been published.
‘Cutha’s Worth’ was first published in 2007 and was written by Ken Gorman and Cliff Gorman. The book chronicles the history of Cudworth from its origins to the present and includes information on local sporting heroes born in the village, the mining industry and history on the Lord of the Manor.
Cliff, 72, of Newton Avenue, Cudworth, along with his father, Ken Gorman, first had the idea to create Cutha’s Worth.
Cliff said: “The Cudworth History Group was formed in 1996 and my dad did the framework for the first book. He was a retired operative for the water board and was one of the founder members of the Cudworth History Group.
“He died in 2002 and I spent the next five years finishing what he had started. It’s a shame he didn’t get to see the first version published.
“After the first edition was printed, I’ve spent the last 12 years adding to it, and we now have a book filled with so much interesting history of Cudworth.”
Topics in the book include the linen and mining industries, modes of transport, shops and traders, recreation and leisure pursuits, schools and churches, sportsmen and women and personalities, who were born or brought up in Cudworth such as the Swann brothers, Terry McDonald, Dorothy Hyman, Edgar Auckland, Steve Daley and David Hirst.
There is also information about the railway station which was in Cudworth from 1840 to 1968, which meant that passengers could travel anywhere between London and Glasgow.
Cliff said: “Over the years building development brought about dramatic changes as the village expanded and became more urbanised, but thanks to professional photographers in the first decades of the 20th century pictorial evidence has preserved people and places for us all to enjoy.”
The book was printed by Hot Metal Press at Elsecar and is now on sale at Mellor’s newsagents and Wishes card shop, both on Barnsley Road, Cudworth.
Tomorrow, there will be a book signing at the Wesleyan Church from 10am to 11.45am.