A MAN with more than 20 years history of drunk and disorderly behaviour has been fined after abusing hospital staff.

Shane Borrett, 38, of Corporation Road, Grimsby, attended Barnsley Hospital at 9pm on September 2 after attending a funeral.

He had an abscess which was aggressive and was admitted to hospital for treatment.

Barnsley Magistrates’ Court was told how Borrett was intoxicated on arrival, and began abusing staff. He was restrained by hospital staff yet continued shouting abuse so police were called.

The court was told how Borrett had a history of drunk and disorderly behaviour, and he accepted that his behaviour was unacceptable and offered his apologies to the court and Barnsley Hospital.

Borrett also confirmed that he had moved away from his Barnsley address on Day Street to Grimsby, in order to be away from his peers and curb his drinking. Borrett was fined £237.