MORE fines than ever have been issued to irresponsible dog owners who have failed to pick up after their pet as part of a zero tolerance enforcement contract.

Kingdom Security, commissioned by the area council which includes Central, Dodworth, Kingstone, Stairfoot and Worsbrough wards, worked from April 1 2017 to the end of March this year.

A new provider – District Enforcement – took over the contract in April and a quarterly report delivered on Monday shows the provider is already surpassing its targets.

A total of 156 fixed penalty notices (FPNs) were handed out between April and June this year, with 29 of those for dog fouling, and the majority relating to cigarette ends and litter.

Almost 1,400 people have received a fine in the last two years, according to the report.

Area manager Carol Brady said: “The figure of 29 represents the highest number of FPNs we have had for dog fouling in any quarter since the enforcement contract began in 2017.

“Cigarette littering accounts for 69 per cent of offences, which is a very good result. Staff work on a four days on, four days off model, ten hours each day and allows District officers to cover both early mornings and evenings.”

Given the enormity of the issue, the Central Area Council has tailored its contract to have an emphasis on combating dog fouling and patrols are set to continue in Highstone Lane, Mount Vernon Road and Genn Lane, all in Worsbrough.

Coun Doug Birkinshaw, of the Central ward, said: “Yes, we want dog owners to be responsible and do the right thing but we won’t change their mindset as they do as they please.

“There’s probably only ten per cent of people who have dogs but it’s the 90 per cent who don’t I want to appeal to as there’s been complaints galore.

“Fear has been a problem in the past and it’s something why people seem to be reluctant to report owners, but they hold vital information and we really do need them to speak out.”

Dodworth ward’s Coun Phil Birkinshaw said the figures generated by District were well-received after months of residents’ complaints about dog fouling.

“I think the figure ought to be applauded as it’s been one, two or three before and it shows we’re heading in the right direction,” he added.

“It’s nice to see the picture changing.

“We have had a tremendous amount of complaints but this contract has been and will continue to be the most effective way forward.”