A CHARITY that supports young homeless people has had a defibrillator installed thanks to a grant.

Centrepoint, based on Quarry View, Smithies, received a grant from the Old Town Ward Alliance who had given the charity a grant towards the Engage, Educate and Encourage Project.

The charity, which supports more than 60 homeless 16-25 year olds by providing them accommodation and support, ran the project to support South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service in preventing road, fire and water emergencies within South Yorkshire.

Coun Jake Lodge, who works as a volunteer officer at Centrepoint, said: “We are positioned on one of the main routes in and out of Barnsley so having a defibrillator here is great.

“We have been teaching those who live with us the importance of this equipment which is great if we need it but also it is available to the community 24/7 which is also valuable.”

Coun Phil Lofts said: “We allocated funds to this particular project and we felt it was great to have a defibrillator located on a main road where is is accessible to the public.”