WITH this week having been Cervical Screening Awareness Week, Barnsley council is backing a cervical cancer trust’s reminder of how important it is for women to go for a smear test.

Jo’s Trust has released the findings of a new report which looks at the experiences of women diagnosed with cervical cell changes (abnormal cells).

The consequences of cervical cancer can be devastating and Jo’s Trust does not want people to be put off attending cervical screening or having treatment to prevent it developing.

The latest data for 2018 shows that 76 per cent of Barnsley women eligible for cervical screening aged 25 to 64 years have been screened adequately within the previous 3.5 years; which is significantly better than the England average.

However, the borough has noted a downward trend in coverage locally and nationally the uptake is at a 20-year.

Julia Burrows, director of public health in Barnsley, said: “It’s so important for women to go to their screening and then have the information and support to confidently attend any follow up appointments necessary.

“We will continue to work with our health providers here in Barnsley to make sure that women receive standardised information about potential side effects to better support those having treatment.”