A QUICK-THINKING Barnsley doctor helped saved his friend's life - after he collapsed during a football match.

Dr Mehrban Ghani, who is based at White Rose Medical Practice, Cudworth, was playing football with his team in Sheffield when a player suddenly felt unwell and went into cardiac arrest on the pitch.

Tair Bashir, 42, of Rotherham, who had complained of chest pain during the match, was saved thanks to three fellow team-mates - all GPs.

Dr Ghani said: "A couple of other GP colleagues and I went to check over Tair and it was quickly clear that he was having a heart attack.

"His breathing had stopped so we performed CPR for about 20 minutes. We continued with it once the ambulance arrived when we used their equipment and were able gave him a couple of shocks, oxygen and some adrenaline."

Tair was taken to the nearest hospital in Sheffield where he received specialist treatment and is now recovering.

Dr Ghani, who is also the medical director at Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group, added: "Tair was extremely fortunate that there were people around him who knew how to carry out CPR.

"It's really important that everyone between 40 and 74 gets their free NHS Health Check at their GP practice."

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