CONGRATULATIONS to Barnsley College’s Esports students’ team, the Barnsley Griffins, who enjoyed double success recently.

The team played at the British Esports Student Championships, winning in both the Rocket League Division 1 Open Championship and LAN Finals of the Student Racing League Split 2.

The British Esports Student Championships (BESC) aim to develop the next generation of Esports talent in the United Kingdom, helping shape the players of the future and is open to all schools and colleges across the UK.

Daultan Bellamacina, George Hargreaves, Ethan Jelley and Micheal Joys played the Division 1 Open Finals at Endpoint’s HQ, a professional team based in Sheffield and received support from their coaches on their gameplay ahead of the fixture, which saw them win 4-3 against Sixth Form students at Wales High School.

Michael Joys, a Level 3 Esports student and Barnsley Griffins team member said: “It was another amazing performance from the team. To push it to game seven and winning the BESC is an honour and achievement in all our eyes. The team showed pure commitment and passion and we will use this for further performances for the Griffins.”

Team member and Level 3 Esports student, Daultan Bellamacina, added: “I’m astonished by how well we worked as a team to bring back the win for the Griffins. Everyone played a part in the season, from the players to the people behind the scenes, and we’re all grateful for the opportunities we were given!”

Thomas Wilford, Esports teacher at Barnsley College, commented: “The students were amazing and showed that Barnsley College spirit, coming back from behind and pushing for the win during an intense and tough game.”

Still riding high on the team’s success, Griffins F1 drivers Jacob Butters and Kyle Redman later won the LAN Finals of the Student Racing League Split 2. Run by Williams Esports, the final race was set at Silverstone, the iconic home of British Grand Prix, with the team leading with 185 points.

A Level student Jacob said: “Overall it was an amazing experience and opportunity. Winning the Championship is amazing, and we had a brilliant season overall. I’m looking forward to next season and hopefully I can bring in more points”.

Kyle, who is studying Level 2 Vehicle Fitting Principles added: “I think that the team pushed hard to win this year and the determination and relentless training paid off in the long run and hopefully we can keep this momentum into next season”.

Esports and the Griffins F1 Coach, Luke Swab ysaid: “To see the students develop and work towards achieving this Championship over the past few months has been unreal. To be part of the Student Racing League and work with Williams Esports is an amazing opportunity for students to see what can come from Esports and a great way to showcase the opportunities that Esports can provide.”