TOMORROW Barnsley residents go to the polls to vote in the local council elections.

We have a round-up of candidates as well as details of what you need to know about voter ID and how to check where your polling station is.

You can vote between 7am and 10pm and you can check where your local polling station is as well as the candidates in your ward and details of the South Yorkshire Mayor candidates here:

You’ll need to show photo ID at polling stations before you receive your ballot paper. Accepted forms of ID include a UK, European Economic Area (EEA) or Commonwealth passport; a drivers’ licence, including provisional; some concessionary travel passes, such as an older person’s bus pass or disabled person’s pass; and the new free Voter Authority Certificate.

Voters will be able to use expired ID if they are still recognisable from the photo.

At polling stations, voters will be required to present ID to be checked by polling station staff. A private area will be available at the polling station for anyone who wants their photo ID viewed in private.

Craig Westwood, Director of Communications, at the Electoral Commission, said: “Anyone voting at a polling station in England will need to show photo ID before they can be given their ballot paper. Before you head to the polling station on Thursday, don’t forget to check you have the ID you need to vote.

“Anyone concerned about showing their face at a polling station, because they wear a face covering for example, can ask to have their ID checked in private. They won’t need to give a reason for their request or explain why they’d prefer privacy. Staff will be trained to handle requests for ID to be checked in private, discreetly and with courtesy.”

If voters lose their ID, or their Voter Authority Certificate does not arrive in time for election day, they can appoint an emergency proxy to vote on their behalf up until 5pm on election day. The person appointed as proxy, voting on someone else’s behalf, must have their own acceptable photo ID.

Here’s a list of candidates standing at the local elections in all 21 of the council wards..


Catherine Teresa Rogerson – Liberal DemocratsChristopher Michael Scarfe – Green PartyNicola Sumner – LabourAdrian Thompson – Conservatives


Mark Brook – Conservatives

Steve Houghton – Labour

Kabir Nepal – Green Party

Elizabeth Kate Waters – Liberal Democrats


Simon Richard Hulme – Liberal Democrats

Scott Andrew McKenzie – Reform UK

Kevin Osborne – Labour

Ian White – Conservatives


Aiden Ian Benoit – Reform UK

Simon Biltcliffe – Yorkshire Party

Gillian Ruth Millner – Conservatives

Leyla Nayeri – Liberal Democrats

Teresa Wilcockson – Labour


Kevin Bennett – Liberal Democrats

Alice Cave – Labour

Bee D’abeille Lokkit – Conservatives

Trevor Anthony Mayne – Green Party

Shaun Kenneth Turner – Reform UK


Wendy Cain – Labour

Brian John Evans – Liberal Democrats

Maxine Spencer – English Democrats

Mike Toon – Conservatives


Linda Fielding – Liberal Democrats

David Alan Jarvis – Social Democrats

Deborah Jane Pearson – Labour Party

Janus Polenceusz – English Democrats

Elaine Weems – Conservatives


Steven John Burkinshaw – Conservatives

Ian Hague-Brown – Labour

Chris Wray – Liberal Democrats


Michael James Davies – Reform UK

Tom Heyes – Green Party

Glenn Lawrence – Liberal Democrats

Andrew Millner – Conservatives

Mick Stowe – Labour

Angela Ruth Waller – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition


Steve Bullcock – Liberal Democrats

Peter Gordon Giles – Green Party

Liam Hardcastle – Reform UK

Roger Haw – Conservatives

Tracey-Ann Holland – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Simon Williamson – Labour


Steve Green – Labour Party

Susan Rose – Liberal Democrats

Rachel Stewart – Independent

Alex Wilkinson – Conservatives


Raymond Archer – Independent

Samantha Bullcock – Liberal Democrats

Dorothy Coates – Labour Party

Tony Devoy – Yorkshire Party

Samuel Wilkinson – Conservatives


Steve Dangerfield – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Phil Lofts – Labour

Gillian Nixon – Green Party

Patrick Smith – Liberal Democrats

Clive Watkinson – Conservatives


Peter Millar – Conservatives

Kate Raynor – Green Party

John Roberts – Labour

Andy Waters – Liberal Democrats


Roy Garratt – Conservatives

Mandy Lowe Flello – Liberal Democrats

Frances Nixon – Labour and Co-operative Party

Richard Trotman – Green Party

David Wood – Reform UK


Sherry Holling – Labour

Jaz Holt – Independent

Robert Lomas – Reform UK

Sue Waters – Liberal Democrats

Phil Weems – Conservatives


Jennifer Barker – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Michael Barraclough – Conservatives

Neil Fisher – Independent

Jonathan Hood – Liberal Democrats

Caroline Makinson – Labour


Matthew Nicholson – Liberal Democrats

Lee Ogden – Conservatives

Sarah Tattersall – Labour Party


Karen Dyson – Labour

Mark Hitchmough – Conservatives

James Kitching – Liberal Democrats

Luca Turner – Reform UK


Robert Green – Liberal Democrats

James Higginbottom – Labour Party

Simon Moore – Reform UK

Jessica Roebuck – Green Party

Debbie Toon – Conservatives


Roy Bowser – Labour

Sarah Calvert – Liberal Democrats

Jamie Owen – Reform UK

Charlotte Wilkinson – Conservatives

Mayor Election candidates

Nick Allen – Conservatives

David Bettney – Social Democratic Party

Oliver Coppard – Labour

Douglas Johnson – Green Party

Hannah Kitching – Liberal Democrats