BARNSLEY Hospital is asking people to help them protect its most vulnerable in-patients by thinking twice before visiting.

The hospital is currently experiencing a rise in confirmed cases of norovirus.

The infection control team is working directly with some wards to limit potential spread of infection, and visitors to those areas will be asked to take special preventative measures to minimise opportunities for bugs to spread.

People who have had diarrhoea or vomiting are asked not to visit the hospital until at least 48 hours after your last episode.

Barnsley Hospital Director of Infection Prevention and Control Dr Jyothi Rao said: “We ask those who are thinking about visiting relatives and friends in hospital not to visit if they have recently had diarrhoea, or have been sick. This helps to avoid spreading illness among patients.

“While this is a difficult ask, it’s vitally important that we work together to do all we can to minimise spread of infectious disease in our hospital.”

Visitors are also asked to wash their hands using soap and water frequently, and to use hand sanitiser before and after visiting a ward if you do come to visit a relative.

Visitors who have cold or flu-like symptoms are also asked to postpone visits until you feel better.