COUNCIL bosses have admitted that congestion at Stairfoot roundabout is a ‘problem’ – and that they know they will also have to undertake work at Cundy Cross.

The A635 Stairfoot and Cundy Cross scheme will reconfigure the roundabout and its connecting entry and exit lanes.

The proposed plans for the scheme include several key enhancements, including straightening the approach to the roundabout from Wombwell Lane and Bleachcroft Way, widening entry and exit lanes, and the addition of shared-use paths for pedestrians and cyclists.

Barnsley Council leader Sir Steve Houghton said any work at the roundabout must also be taken at Cundy Cross.

He said: “At Stairfoot roundabout everyone knows that there’s a problem. We need to make sure that the work we’re doing on Grange Lane goes both ways.

“There’s no easy answer but doing one without the other would cause us problems.”