PLANS to extend a car park at one of the town’s major health hubs to meet demand have been approved by the council.
The 110-space car park at Priory Campus, in Lundwood, will become a 148-space site.
A report states: “The applicants are looking to re-use some vacant land within their ownership to accommodate additional parking spaces required for the efficient running and operating of Priory Centre.
“An existing car park exists, of which the proposed will be attached to and allowing the whole car park to be accessed from a single point, controlled, and operated as one entity.
“The land will form a natural extension to the existing car park.
“It is to be re-fenced with palisade fencing to match the existing fence details.
“Access will continue to be from Pontefract Road that provides sufficient visibility, furthermore the parking spaces have been designed with sufficient space to reverse, turn and exit the car park in a forward gear.”
An application was originally submitted in February.
Following public consultation, the plans were given the green light by Barnsley Council last week.