BARNSLEY concert-goers will be the first people in the world to hear the premiere of two new tracks from Sari Schorr who has recently headlined festivals across Europe and with a US Billboard chart-topping album under her belt.

Sari’s headline show at The Birdwell Venue on April 20 is part of her April UK tour, supported by special guest Matt Pearce & the Mutiny.

During her UK dates, Sari will be resting the standard set from her sold-out European tour and performing a very different set

To mark Magnum’s Lee Morris joining the band, Sari will perform Magnum classic “On A Storytellers Night” for all the UK dates – a tribute to the music genius of the late Tony Clarkin, with a collection at each show to support Tony’s animal welfare fundraiser.

“My new track ’Hometown Girl’ embodies the timeless essence of blues rock, a song born in 2018 that has evolved through numerous revisions, before finally finding its stride and earning its spot in the setlist,” said Sari.

“‘Highway 69’ weaves some playful lyrics and suggestive undertones into pure rock ‘n’ roll that'll have you tapping your feet and blushing at the same time!”

The UK dates are supported by Planet Rock and Gig Cartel. Sari wants to make her return to the UK different to her other UK tours as a thank you to her long-standing fans.

Sari adds: “I live life from my suitcase, living to travel the world to meet people from the great spectrum of cultures and countries.

“It is live music fans that are keeping venues open and new music alive, so it has to be the supporters of local venues that hear my new music first. I am so excited to be visiting Barnsley on April 20 and I’m thrilled Matt Pearce and his band will join us for a run of magical shows. Together we’ll deliver an unforgettable night of live music. Everyone’s welcome – please join us!”

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