A FORMER English teacher had her first book published after spending her life collecting story ideas.

Philippa Ronan, 59, from Penistone, has just had her book - ‘Apple from the Tree’ - published with Northside House.

The story follows Scottish woman Tallulah Hicks, who has to contend with the legacy of her troubled mother and tabloid sensation Fee following her death.

Philippa said: “It’s really exciting. It’s hard to get a publishing deal these days, they’re quite conservative. So it’s great to get my work out there - it’s a dream come true, really.

“People have been sending me pictures of themselves with the book and that’s fantastic to see.”

Philippa describes herself as a ‘magpie’ who has been picking up story ideas throughout her life.

“I come from a strong Yorkshire matriarchy,” she added.

“So I was thinking what it must be like to live without a mother figure. I made the mum an extreme character - I was kind of reflecting on how you would rebel against someone like that.

“The setting is based on some of my favourite places in Scotland - I’ve travelled a lot in life so that comes in as well. I’m just proud of it - I’ve been rereading it recently for the final edits and I am really proud of it as a piece of literature.”