PLANNING ROUND-UP: Plans to bring a new hand car wash business to Platts Common have been turned down by the council’s planning board.

An application was originally submitted in June last year to create the business on Platts Common Industrial Estate. The plans sought to turn the land into a hand car wash – which included a staff room as well as staff and visitor parking. However, the council rejected these plans earlier last week.

A report states: “In the opinion of the local planning authority the proposed development would result in the intensification in use of a sub-standard access potentially leading to queuing vehicles in busy times.

“No information has been supplied relating to what equipment will be used, what noise levels will be emitted and how any noise will be mitigated.

“Furthermore, there is no information in terms of protecting the neighbouring units and associated parking areas from any over spray that may occur from the pressure washers.”

PLANS to convert a former Wombwell corner shop into a new restaurant have been submitted to the council. If approved, the former unit on High Street – which closed over a year ago – will be turned into a hot food venue. A new kitchen will be installed including a cooker, fryer and grill, should the plans be deemed acceptable. The public can have their say on the plans until April 17.

PLANS to install two portable cabins – which will be used as changing facilities – at Carlton Main Brickworks have been approved by the council. An application for the work to take place on Clayburn Road, Grimethorpe, was originally submitted in January. These plans were given the green light by Barnsley Council’s planning board last week.

A NEW house is set to be built in Darfield after the council approved plans last week. An application to build the new property on Edderthorpe Lane was originally submitted in January. The plans were given the green light by the planning board earlier this month.

PLANS to erect a new agricultural building in Green Moor have been approved by the council. An application was submitted in November for the unit to be built at Office Fold Farm on Green Moor Road. Barnsley Council’s planning board approved the plans earlier this month.