A LOCAL vintage company has donated hundreds of fur coats to Ukrainian refugees.

Glass Onion started in 2005 out of a Barnsley coal shed but they’ve since grown to become one of the UK’s leading vintage clothing companies.

They process more than 20,000kg of second-hand clothing every single week at the warehouse, and while they don’t buy fur product from their suppliers, on occasion some slip through the net.

Once they’d built up around 600 coats, they got in touch with animal rights organisation PETA who regularly distribute donated fur coats to the homeless and refugees all over the world to keep them warm.

PETA work with the International Aid Trust who wanted the fur coats to help Ukrainians impacted by the war.

Glass Onion filled up a lorry and the International Aid Trust sent them to areas near Kyiv, where they were distributed to local people and refugees from the Donbas region.

A spokesperson for the International Aid Trust said: “Some of the distribution of aid to areas near the front lines often has to be done very quickly as Russian drones can be looking for our team’s vans. It is very cold and the coats were very gratefully received.”

Alice Leadbetter from Glass Onion added: “We wanted to thank the International Aid Trust for helping us get these fur coats to those in need.”