CAN you help a Danish woman who is returning to Barnsley after a school visit more than 70 years ago?

Elin Tonder, 90, spent two weeks in Royston in 1949 as part of a school exchange programme.

The life-changing trip has stayed with Elin since and next month her three daughters will bring her back to Barnsley.

Daughter Inger Tonder said: “She’s been talking about the trip all her life. She tells her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren about it.

“All our lives we have heard about her 14 days living with an English family in Barnsley. Even now she remembers so much – she’s a vibrant woman.”

Elin is hoping to reconnect with the people she met back on her first visit, or any living relatives of them.

Yet she remains unsure of some of the family details – Elin believes the family’s surname was Green, and remembers staying with a girl named Muriel, whose father was a miner and grandfather ran a grocery shop.

Anyone with information that could help Elin reconnect can get in touch with