THE next step of Broadway residents’ campaign to bring back their bus service will take place tomorrow.

Locals campaigned at meetings at St Edward’s Church in Kingstone and protests at Barnsley Interchange recently against the axing of the bus service in the area.

Last week the Chronicle revealed a new service – the 33 – will replace the former Stagecoach-operated 43 and 44 which served the Broadway area until October.

But the campaigners are going one step further next week, and will post the petition to bosses in a publicised event.

Ronnie Steele, who has been organising the events, told the Chronicle: “From 10.30am, we will gather beside the postbox at the top of Linton Close, to post our petition to the bus company, Stagecoach.

“Stagecoach has refused to even accept our petition, which criticises the way they have brutally cut our transport lifeline because it’s “no longer profitable enough.

“The posting ceremony is designed to humiliate Stagecoach nationally.

“Everyone is welcome to come and support us, whether they are directly involved or not.

“The bigger the crowd, the more attention our campaign will receive.

“Our task might seem formidable but a journey of a thousand miles starts with just one small step.”