A LOCAL man is raising funds in honour of the chemotherapy unit of Barnsley Hospital who were like a ‘second family’ while his partner suffered with cancer.

Stephen Hagland, 55, will be taking part in a walk around the borough on May 11 to raise funds for the Little Fox’s charity, who provide support to those in Barnsley suffering with cancer, and he is asking anyone who can to get involved.

The charity works closely with the hospital’s chemotherapy department and helps provide financial support to patients and their family to lessen their economic burden.

The staff at the chemotherapy ward were extremely supportive to Stephen when his partner, Yvonne Elliott, was battling with cancer, and at her funeral loved ones donated a collective £250 to the hospital.

“I’ve got to praise the nurses, they’ve been like a second family,” Stephen told the Chronicle.

“I love them to bits and can’t tell you all that they’ve done.

“They’ve been our rock.”