A YOUNG folk duo are taking their next steps into the industry with the release of their first EP – which they admit has only been possible due to the support of their friends.

Eletto, made up of lifelong friends Mila Whitaker, 21, and Zoe Aradipioti, 22, will be launching their debut EP ‘I Want to be the Star’ in April.

Made up of four new songs that will release over the next two months, the EP will show a new side of the rising stars and display the range of their musical talents.

“We recorded at Eiger Music Studios in Leeds,” they told the Chronicle.

“It’s expensive to make an EP, so we’re so lucky to have our friend Mark Walker who helped produce it.

“He’s a great guy and does all sorts of work in the industry – he’s been touring with the Jacksons recently so it’s amazing that he made time for us.

“Beth Chamberland is like our personal photographer now, she helped us make the music video for Northern Sun last year.

“She might as well be in the band, she’s been so helpful.”

This is a major step for the duo who are on track to make their dream of a full-time music career a reality.

They added: “It feels great, it’s been such a long process to get to this point.

“For so long we’ve been making songs that no one’s heard, so now we can finally get some out and show a wider range of our music and who we are.

“We’ve got such supportive people around us who are making it happen.”