BARNSLEY internet sensation Danny Malin and his wife Sophie Mei Lan have started a new YouTube series exploring Yorkshire’s best-kept secrets.

Debuting with a video about Grade I-listed Wentworth Woodhouse, the couple – who go by Mr and Mrs Yorkshire – explain all the unique details of the 18th century home and its surrounding grounds.

With more than 300 rooms, and strict rules around having green-coloured doors and off-white windersills, there’s plenty of history for the online pair to discover.

Sophie said: “I couldn’t believe that Danny grew up in nearby Barnsley but had never visited here, just Wentworth Garden Centre.

“I love the fact that it’s a hidden gem but it’s actually got the UK’s largest facade because the front of the house is so long.

“I tried to count the rooms but it’s virtually impossible because so many doors are actually cupboards – there’s believed to be around 300 rooms but staff said they’re often finding more.”

The house has featured in plenty of films and television, including Oscar-winning Winston Churchill biopic Darkest Hour and Downton Abbey.

While food reviewer Danny was happy to explore the location, it was the home’s pantry that grabbed his attention.

“I couldn’t believe how vast it is – it used to employ more than 1,000 people according to current staff at the house,” he added. "I was recommended to try the homemade Irish stew – it was a hearty stew, good price and a good portion, too.”