A ‘LIFELINE’ venue which was run by students with special educational needs before it was closed last year is set to reopen soon.

The Makery, on Barugh Green Road in Barugh Green, officially opened its doors to the public almost a decade ago – and those who use it have described it as a ‘lifeline’.

Young adults with special needs have been using the store as a route to get work experience in a way they perhaps might not have been able to otherwise.

Last year, the venue subsequently closed – but it will reopen as Cafe Crossroads on February 9.

Crossroads Caring for Carers provides practical, consistent support to carers and the people they care for either in the home or in the wider community.

The site will be used as a community hub, with residents delighted that the venue will finally come back into use.

Joseph David, the charity’s CEO, said the charity are excited to work with the community.

“What we’re going to do is open it up as not just a cafe but a community hub as well,” he added.

“We’re hoping to get a number of events on for warm spaces.

“We’ll be running different activities there.

“It’s going to be run for the community and that’s what we like to do.”

The venue will be officially opened on February 9 at 11am.