THE widow of a British soldier who died in Cyprus after being hit by a car believes she is now within 'touching distance' of getting answers surrounding her husband's death eight years ago.

Colour Sergeant Anthony Mark Oxley, a drum major in the 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment, was involved in a collision with a car driven by a US serviceman close to RAF Akrotiri on June 14, 2016.

The 40-year-old died later in a Cypriot hospital outside the airbase.

A British inquest was held in Wakefield in February 2018 and recorded a narrative verdict – and the coroner found the cause of death was head injuries as a result of a road traffic collision.

However his widow, 46-year-old Sally Oxley from Darfield, has been left in the dark for years as to how his death occurred – something which she says has taken a toll on her and the family.

She has been pushing for a fresh inquest in Cyprus to look into witness accounts regarding his death for a number of years – but her prayers have now finally been answered.

According to her lawyers KRW Law, a judge sitting as a coroner in a district court in Nicosia indicated last month that CSgt Oxley’s route was impeded or blocked.

A spokesperson said: “The judge has reviewed evidence, both forensic material and witness statements, including maps of the topography of the collision terrain.

“The witness evidence includes that of a UK Sovereign Base Authority officers, originally in charge of the investigation on behalf of the Ministry of Defence.

“Specifically, the judge has indicated that Mr Oxley’s route was impeded or blocked.

“The resulting collision caused him multiple injuries which directly resulted in his death.

“The impairment to Mr Oxley’s journey indicates to the judge that there are grounds for suspecting acts or omissions of a third party in causing the collision in which Mr Oxley was killed.”

Sally said the family are now in ‘touching distance’ of receiving the answers they have been craving for the last eight years.

She said: “I’m so happy about the new outcome.

“It’s taken its toll on myself, my children and my family.

“We are so happy that we are finally within touching distance.

“We are waiting on the translation but have applied to the Attorney General for a new inquest with the fresh evidence.

“The proceedings in Nicosia have at last started to establish the truth, justice and accountability about the death of my husband, and the father of our children, ‘The Ox’, which I have been striving for eight years now.”

She said she would now speak to her lawyers to see what legal steps should be taken next.

A British Army spokesperson said: “Our thoughts remain with CSgt Anthony Oxley’s family and we continue to offer them support.”