LITTLE Luca Abdurrahman arrived four days early to become the first baby to be born in 2024 at Barnsley Hospital.

The youngster was born at around 3am to parents 28-year-old Abigail Pearson and 29-year-old Cameron Abdurrahman, of Monk Bretton.

They were presented with a card by one of the midwives at the Gawber Road site letting them know Luca was the first baby to be born at the hospital in 2024, much to their surprise.

Cameron said: “He came four days early and weighed six pounds and one ounce.

“He’s the first baby myself and my girlfriend have had together – we’ve been with each other for four years.

“It was quite a tough labour, from 8pm until about 3am – Abigail ended up having a Caesarean section.

“Luca is healthy which is brilliant.

“The staff at the hospital were amazing even though they were so busy.

“We can’t believe that he was the first baby to be born this year.”