A total of 31 of Borough of Barnsley swimmers took part in the Sheffield and District ASA Championships last week.

Daniel Riley and Lydia Stather were named as top boy and top girl respectively. Brodie Charlesworth retained his title for the long plunge.

Senior team manager Sharron Morton said: “We are so proud of all swimmers. They were amazing, with PBs, medals and trophies. Most of all I was so impressed with their positive attitudes, resilience and camaraderie.”

Swimmers competing included: Abbie Charlesworth, Abigail Riley, Adam Gill, Alyssa Warren, Bethan Thomas, Brodie Charlesworth, Cody Ingram, Daniel Riley, Dimosthenis Magoulas, Eleanor Standeven, Filip Obara, Francesca Cresswell, Freddie Porter, Jack Pine, Jake Roberts, Lewis Cartwright, Lily O’Brien, Lucas Morton, Lydia Stather, Matilda Hope, Maximilian Lewandows, Mia Ibbeson, Millie Herbert, Naomi Wakeling, Poppy Pearson, Purdy Roberts, Rebekah Jones, Riley Sykes, Samuel Davis and Samuel Wathen.