Barnsley Youth Theatre members have gathered experience from multiple fields to develop a show that celebrates the spookiest time of year.

Titled Creepy Campfire Tales, the show is a collection of traditional scary stories that have added a unique twist.

The show was developed in conjunction with ten other community groups and is set to be shown at the RSPB Old Moor on Saturday and in Mandela Gardens on Sunday.

Director Jack Riley told the Chronicle: “They want to use these stories and creatures we all know about to share a message.

“So we’ve looked at a mummy as a representation of greed for example.

“It’s all going really well – there have been challenges but the young people have handled it really well.”

Jack joined with Brad Firth, a music production student at the University of Leeds, and Faith Addams, a recent musical theatre graduate at the Performers College, to develop the show with the under-18s drama group.

Giving them a chance to test their newly acquired skills, and share them with young drama enthusiasts in the area, the show seemed like a perfect opportunity for everyone involved.

“This is my first big show out of university,” Jack added.

“Brad brought in his musical abilities and composed a song for us, while Faith was bringing in her dancing ability.

“It was nice for us all to be able to bring our skills back into Barnsley and give back to the community.

“It has been stressful at times and there’s more work to do but everyone is looking forward to the show.”