DARFIELD’S adopted cat Socks – who has hundreds of people following his every move on social media after shooting to stardom – has been forced to leave his temporary home at Tesco after he was reportedly kicked a number of times.

The two-year-old has become a local legend in recent months after making the Tesco store on Nanny Marr Road his second home.

He’s only got three legs – but that doesn’t stop locals flocking to watch his every move.

His owner, 31-year-old Jessica Moore, had previously said Socks had been brightening up people’s days – but he’s now been forced to move from Tesco following a complaint, which subsequently ended in the three-legged feline being reportedly kicked a number of times.

“I’ve been getting a lot of hate over the last couple of days and someone has kicked Socks three times,” she added.

“It’s caused a lot of distress to the community and because Socks has been reported to environmental health we’ve been told that he’s no longer allowed to sit outside.

“A lot of kids go to see Socks and sit there with him.