A YOUNG musical duo have released their first single and after a few days it’s already been aired on BBC Radio Sheffield.

Eletto, which is made up of long-time friends Mila Whitaker, 21, and Zoe Aradipioti, 22, have been performing for years, however only chose to write their own music recently.

Mila said: “We met eight years ago when we were 13 at Barnsley Youth Choir we were friends straight away.

“It was about six months ago when we were at a camp about recording covers for movies that we came up with our new single, Northern Sun.

“It’s meant to be nostalgic, kind of like Summer of ‘69 we were writing about love in summer.”

After coming up with the song, the duo approached a producer from the camp Mark Walker and performed a demo.

Mila added: “It went well, but I play guitar and Zoe plays piano and for this we needed other band members to fill out the song.

“Mark helped us sort that out and we got working our friend Beth Chamberlain worked on our photos and the music video and before long it was finished.

“It’s been received really well so far and we got onto BBC Radio Sheffield quickly it’s kind of amazing.”

The song can be streamed on Spotify and more information on the band’s upcoming performances are available through their Facebook.