YOBS have been condemned for threatening a bowling club’s future - after an arson attack ruined a dugout.

Members of Highstone Bowling Club, in Worsbrough, found out about the incident - which is said to have taken place last Friday - upon arrival to play at the ground the morning after.

A club spokesperson warned its future has been plunged into doubt as a result - and urged Barnsley Council to come good on a promise to install palisade fencing around the site’s perimeter to prevent access.

“That’s one of the main reasons why we’re in this position - the site’s easily accessed and unfortunately it’s a sitting duck as a result,” they added.

“We need it to be better protected but so far no fencing has arrived.

“We’re a small club here for the community’s benefit - we’re more than happy to teach youngsters about the sport but ultimately their behaviour is now jeopardising our existence.”