DAREDEVILS are taking charge of fund-raising for this year’s Make a Memory Appeal – which is improving hospital facilities for patients with dementia.

Run by Barnsley Hospital Charity, the appeal has currently earned £232,222 of their £300,000 goal thanks to the adrenaline-filled antics of volunteers and supporters.

Emma Parkes, director of communications at Barnsley Hospital, said: “We’ve got skydives on a regular basis – there’s an amazing amount of people in Barnsley who want to jump out of a plane to raise money.

“I walked Snowdon this year – we’ve got fire and glass walks coming up and there’s a cold water plunge in Manvers Lake.

“But then we’ve got bake sales and schools involved – pretty much anything and everything is possible for Make a Memory.

“I always say never look my charity team in the eye cause they’ll sign you up to do something.”

The funds raised help to make an immense difference to the over 1,100 patients with dementia that the hospital supports each year, allowing them to become more independent and enhance their mental abilities.

While dementia is well known for its effect on memory, the syndrome also effects emotions and basic cognitive abilities that make day to day activities difficult – utilising latest research on these issues the appeal is able to fund careful alterations to the wards design to make it more accessible for those suffering.

“Last week we opened an amazing space,” Emma added.

“It’s an activity room essentially – I popped up for five minutes just to have a look and ended up spending an hour there.

“There are wall vinyls all around of places that people will know, dimmable lighting, but I guess the main draw is the electronic activity tables.

“They’re shone from a light in the ceiling and you can play a bunch of different games on them – they’re incredible, just so much fun.”

Louise Gallagher, the hospital’s lead nurse, praised fundraisers for their support.

“The overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received affirms that this space will truly enhance the patient experience.

“The mix of modern electronic activities and traditional pastimes will play a pivotal role in keeping patients active and entertained.

“We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone for their unwavering support.”