ANNE Hart loves spending time with the children at Oxspring Primary School which is just as well as she has several roles within the school community.

Not only is she an out-of-school club assistant but she is also a breakfast club and lunchtime supervisory assistant as well as the school crossing patrol.

It’s all the more remarkable when you find out that Anne is 88 years old.

“I don’t think anything about it people say ‘aren’t you marvellous for your age?’ and I just think I’m just me,” said Anne.

“My family joke that they are going to find a school to send me to to teach me how to stop working.”

A former community psychiatric nurse, Anne is completely dedicated to the school and its pupils.

“I just like to help people if it’s in your nature then what can you do? I think it’s my nursing training but I seem to be able to sense if there is something worrying one of the children and I will have a few quiet words with them and see if I can help. I treat the children with confidentiality and will do what I can,” said Anne, who lives in Penistone.

And her caring nature certainly reaps rewards.

Ian Brown, a parent at the school, has nominated Anne for a Proud of Barnsley award in the Children’s Champion category and describes Anne as ‘a marvellous lady’.

Ian, whose son Elijah is in year six, said: “My youngest child has suffered and struggled with anxiety issues during his time at primary school.

“Mrs Hart has been a constant support and guardian for him.

“She makes time every morning and every afternoon to greet him at the gate, speak with him and high five him, additionally looking out for him at school breaks.

“Her impact on his well-being has been exceptional and she affords this attention to every child at the school. She watches out for them, nurtures them and makes a phenomenal difference.

“His school day starts and ends with a smile from Mrs Hart. Absolute gem of a lady and an unsung hero.

“We will miss her when he moves to high school in the summer and would be absolutely delighted to see her affection and care acknowledged publicly.

“She has had an equivalent, if not higher, effect on Elijah’s personal development especially over the last two to three years than any other staff member at school. I cannot thank her enough.”

Anne, who hails from Fife in Scotland, said: “It’s lovely to be nominated but I just do what I do my motto is: use it or lose it.

“I will do anything to help, the only thing I don’t do is technology… people ask if I have got an email address and I say: absolutely not, I have managed without one for 88 years so I’m okay thanks.”