BARNSLEY Sixth Form College students attended an event run by the Department for Education earlier this month.

The politics and sociology students took part in a mock policy exercise on the planned proposal by the current Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, to implement mandatory study of maths up until the age of 18.

Students had to present their findings to a team of mock ministers.

The exercise was designed to challenge students to develop their presentation, thinking and problem-solving skills.

Casian Siminicianu, a current history, politics and religion, philosophy and ethics A Level student, said: “The trip was a very positive experience - it helped make my mind up on whether or not the Civil Service would be the right career choice for me.

“It was well organised and the people at the Department of Education were always helpful.”

Jane Carr, head of the Flexible Resource Unit at the Department for Education, added: “I want to say thank you so much to the students. “Everyone here was really impressed with them - they came up with some fantastic policy ideas that I’m sure Civil Servants here haven’t even thought of.

“They were also really engaged in the whole day and asked some insightful questions.

“Their confidence when presenting to our panel of ‘ministers’ was really impressive.”