FAMILY and friends of a young man who tragically fell to his death whilst scaling a mountain took part in a 90-mile bike ride last weekend to raise funds for the rescue team whose members recovered his body.

Jack Carne, from Monk Bretton, was just 23 when he died in February while out climbing 3,200-feet-high Gribin Ridge in Glyderau, Snowdonia, with two of his friends.

The group were ascending the mountain when a handhold broke away, causing Jack to fall.

The Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Team didn’t recover Jack’s body until the following day when they were offered help from a helicopter.

Angie Smith, the mum of two boys who took part in the cycle, told the Chronicle there was a total of 30 men, young and old, who cycled from the Humber Bridge in Hull back home to The Pheasant pub on Cross Street, Monk Bretton.

She said: “Everyone did absolutely great at the weekend – although bitter sweet, the day was an absolute blast and we enjoyed every minute of it.

“Jack brought us the beautiful weather and shone down on us and I’m sure he was definitely alongside the riders.

“They set off at 5.30am and drove to Hull where the riders set off, the support then rode to the first pit stop and set up ready to serve them bacon and sausage sandwiches.

“At each of the stops they all regrouped so no-one was left behind.

“He would have loved the day.”