TWO long-time employees of a local bakery are set to retire after over 100 years’ combined service.

Pete Raybould, who started working for Fosters Bakery in Mapplewell in 1966, has witnessed ‘countless’ changes to the industry over the years, according to his former colleague, John Foster.

He began his career at the Blacker Road bakery and worked his way up to become head confectioner.

John, managing director of the bakery, said: “Pete was the champion vanilla slice maker and has always been able to decorate them faster and neater than any other baker.”

Tom Allott joined Fosters Bakery in 1972 with hopes of securing an engineering job.

When he found out the position had already been filled, he decided to give baking a try.

He remained with the firm for 51 years, working in various areas and eventually becoming a specialist in the bakery’s technical department.

John added: “Throughout their time at the bakery, they have been dedicated to providing customers with fantastic quality baked goods and great service.

“Their commitment to the craft has earned them great respect and their presence will be greatly missed by colleagues.

“As they prepare to embark on their well-deserved retirement, Pete and Tom look back on their time at Fosters with fondness and well-earned pride.

“Their legacy will not soon be forgotten, as their contributions have helped to shape the company into the successful and respected firm it is today.”