A WOMBWELL mum has been nominated in the Proud of Barnsley Love Where You Live category for all her hard work keeping her community tidy.
Andrea Walker, 56, has been litter picking for more than a decade and dedicates many hours to the cause.
“I go out picking up litter every day. It all started many years ago when I was out walking my dogs I would find a carrier bag that had blown into a hedge or something and would then fill it with rubbish as I went,” said Andrea.
“Now I do it every day I am usually out with the dogs by half five in the morning and then I am often out again at lunchtime taking them for a walk and collect litter that I find.”
Andrea is committed to not only doing her bit for her community but she is also passionate about encouraging others to look after the area.
“I am passionate about the environment and nature and want to protect what is around us. We’re very lucky to live in an area that has countryside on our doorsteps and I enjoy getting out there and doing what I can.”
Andrea launched the Wombwell Womblers group which wages war on litter and fly-tipping and she also launched a Keep Barnsley Tidy Facebook group which encourages people to litter pick.
The NHS Infant Feeding Support worker organises litter picks at least two weekends a month and has a small band of regular volunteers who join in.
“There are 11,000 people in Wombwelll and it is sometimes disheartening if only three or four turn up but we have fun and a good laugh and, hopefully, make a difference.
“My mum who is nearly 80 sometimes comes along and she get out in the fresh air and it is a great chance for her to socialise.
“I’m sure I could find plenty of other things to do on my Saturdays if no-one dropped litter but I have to do my bit – litter breeds litter so it is important that we tidy up where we can,” said Andrea.
Andrea was nominated by her friend Cathryn Illingsworth who said: “In her spare time and in all weathers Andrea arranges litter picks most weekends and midweek too.
“She started up her own page on Facebook called the Wombwell Womblers with the help of the Tidy Team encouraging others and arranging meets of areas in bad need of clearing up in our area.
“Andrea is so kind, passionate, hard working and selfless and so deserves recognition for all she does to keep Wombwell clean and tidy.”