RESIDENTS will be able to get quicker access to more health checks and tests in the town centre thanks to a further £4.6m in NHS funding.

The funding will allow an extra eight test, check and scan services to be offered in the convenient central location in Barnsley town centre, after the Community Diagnostic Centre was allowed to expand.

The continued expansion of the centre will help with pressures on existing hospital and GP services and mean more people can be seen sooner.

This is part of NHS plans to reduce waiting times for routine procedures and help diagnose life-threatening conditions such as cancer earlier.

Work has already begun to prepare the centre as it takes over the neighbouring unit.

By autumn, people will be able to have CT and MRI scans, aneurysm screening, bladder function tests, retinal eye screening, ECG scans which can check heart rhythms and electrical activity and specialist lung function tests at the newly expanded centre.