FOODBANKS used by families across the borough have benefited from a funding boost to help them deliver support to those most in need.

Every year Renewi invites local organisations to bid for a share of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund which sees grants worth a total of £6,000 awarded to projects that support people and the environment.

This year, in the face of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, the company decided to do things differently and to award the funding to three foodbanks operating in the Dearne Valley area.
Donations of £2,000 have been made to Mexborough Stronger Together foodbank, the Salvation Army in Goldthorpe, and the Wath foodbank.
Abi Reid, Renewi community education liaison officer, said: “This year, instead of inviting local groups to bid for funding, we have decided to make a direct award to foodbanks operating in the Dearne Valley.
“We felt the donation of £2,000 to each of the three foodbanks would give them valuable financial support to carry on their work helping communities and families in our area.”
Alison Sykes, from the Goldthorpe foodbank, added: “Without this we would not be able to be able to provide all the people that come through our doors with the help and support they need.
“We provide food parcels that are made unique to the family in need.
“Some people may only have a hob, microwave or slow cooker to cook their food.”