A TREE that was mistakenly cut down in Hoyland has angered local residents.
Cassie Northwood, a Hoyland Milton Conservative candidate, informed residents of the cutting down of a tree within Hoyland Town Square on Tuesday.
Cassie – who spoke to the workmen regarding the well-known ash tree – said the construction workers were given ‘firm instructions’ to cut the tree down, causing frustration to locals.
Coun Tim Shepherd, representative for Hoyland, said: “I immediately went to Hoyland to see for myself and like many residents was completely baffled at what I saw.
“Over the weekend I contacted council officers to establish why this had happened because the scheme I agreed to included leaving the tree insitue and planting a second tree.
“On Monday, I insisted that an investigation be carried out and that a replacement tree be planted as part of the ongoing works.”
A spokesperson from Barnsley Council said: “We can confirm that, sadly, a tree has been cut down by a contractor in error as part of ongoing works to improve Hoyland Town Square.
“We are very sorry that this has happened.
“The transformation was always intended to feature two trees, including a new tree to complement the existing silver birch.
“We will make sure that a suitable mature tree is planted, as well as the new tree, which was always planned.
“We are working with a tree specialist to identify the most suitable replacement. Unfortunately, crossed wires led to its removal by contractors working on site.
“It was not protected by a tree preservation order, but the plan was for it to remain.
“We can confirm that both trees will be planted on-site by the end of February.
“Despite this unfortunate mistake, we hope residents will still appreciate the new-look town square which will be complete in a few weeks.”