BARNSLEY Central MP Dan Jarvis has said the town ‘cant afford’ to wait any longer for levelling up funding.

Following the government’s fiscal statement, Dan has slammed the ‘incompetent’ government once again.

He said: “We’ve had three Prime Ministers in three months with wildly different economic agendas.

“From tax relief to tax rises, and spending plans to spending cuts, the country doesn’t know if they’re coming or going with this government.

“What’s clear is that this isn’t a plan for economic growth and people across the country will pay the price for this government’s incompetence.

“While the impact of today’s announcements will be felt everywhere, they won’t be felt fairly, it’s towns like Barnsley that will be hardest hit.

“Levelling Up in places like Barnsley is needed more than ever to get us out of recession.

“It was disappointing to hear we won’t know if we’ve been awarded funding until later this year.

“We can’t afford to wait any longer, the government needs to show they are serious, and get on with it.”